We maintain affiliations with some commercial retailers. This policy sets out how we use and exercise these relationships.

We do not advertise or place sponsored links.

We will not accept money in return for placing sponsored links, nor do we place advertisement banners on this website, or disguise advertisements as “independent” product reviews.

The free information we provide on this website is never about a specific product, and always about a specific concept, or principle underpinning your health. Describing these things in generic terms is much more difficult, hence where specific items of products help, we will use and describe these – but always as a means to an end, which in this case is your health and well-being.

Affiliations do not compromise our integrity.

We maintain full control over how, when, and for which specific product or service we place an “affiliate link” on this website. Any such things however must meet our criteria for quality, manufacturer integrity and ethics, and be in line with the recommendations given on this website.

Affiliate links by no means require you to buy the product or service.

Affiliation links offer you a shortcut to products that may help you achieve what we describe in articles on our website. They are by no means product recommendations or comparisons: Affiliation links point you to what we would describe as “they work for us”. Nothing more, nothing less, and it is always entirely up to you to decide whether to buy the product or not.

Affiliate links help offsetting the costs of providing general information to the public.

We decided to use affiliation links for two specific reasons to do with how we manage the costs of what we offer:

We use this website for two purposes: To offer (a) general health and well-being related information (in the blog), and (b) support for those who need specific, personalised information and guidance (through booking appointments with our specialists).

We find it unfair for those who seek specialist support to fully absorb the costs of providing general information in the fees they pay in their time of need – so we don’t, and only absorb in the fees what is actually required.

The “other half”, i.e. the cost of providing general public information (i.e. the blog, and pro rata cost of domain, webspace, etc) is funded through other means, currently private equity. It is this portion of the operational costs that we intend to offset with the small income we receive from affiliate links. 

Excess affiliate link revenue will be used for community services.

We do not expect the revenue from affiliate links to fully sustain our operational costs for running the blog. However, if in the future it does, we will use the excess to manage costs for professional services; more specifically, to provide professional services to those who need it but can’t afford it: At our own discretion, we want to provide some professional services free at the point of use.

To put it more directly: The more you use our affiliate links the more you enable us to offer our professional services for free to those in real need.