Cooking Nourishing Traditions Series

I'm starting a series on cooking the recipes of very popular cooking book Nourishing Traditions. I love most of the recipes and have cooked many of them from 2008 on. I have learned a lot from the book and the Weston A. Price Foundation.

Well used Nourishing Traditions Cookbook

Well used Nourishing Traditions Cookbook

The Book

As you can see in the picture above, my book is quite battered in the meantime from frequent use. And I do use it nearly daily as there are so many really good recipes in there. They are utterly tasty for the large part. There are a few where some of us aren't all that crazy about it, but the vast majority of them are just superb.

The Contents

I really like the way contents is built up. I can go to the bit that I need very quickly and have a browse there. I don't need to go through the whole book. It's really quick and easy. I also love that the introduction is very informative. It doesn't right away start with the recipes. It starts with explaining what good nutrition is. Lots of information about the macro nutrients, but also the micro nutrients. A section on allergies and sensitivities. A nice informative section on Equipment and then some kitchen tips and hints. In all a very very good start to a cooking book. There are many things in there that I have missed in most cooking books that I have or have read. And I'm a bit of a collector of cooking books. Some day I'll share a picture of my rows of cooking books.

After this the recipes start. But also there, it starts at the beginning. The important things, such as culturing, fermenting fruits and vegetables, how to treat grains, nuts and sees, how to make broth and stock and how to use all those products that you've learned how to make. Very good. I have another cooking book that talks about these type of things. This is one that was written by some ladies from the Waldorf community. Some really good recipes in there. But I didn't really learn how to use all of it. They also came from a vegetarian point of view, so not ideal, but not awful either.

After the basics, the books goes on to the Beginnings. The dips in the book are fantastic. We all love them. From those I have experimented and made several other dips with sour cream and such. This was because I saw dips in the supermarket that had not so great ingredients, but they were tasty, so I had to try to make my own. Nourishing Traditions has given me the knowledge and tools to be able to make them without bad ingredients. I just love having learned so much from the book.

There are a few recipes with tofu or such soya products in there. I will not cook those as I'm too sensitive to soya, so I avoid it as much as possible.

Contents NT

Contents NT

This Series

In this series I am going to go through the book and make every recipe I can from the book. I may have a problem getting brains or things like that here in the UK, but I will certainly try to do every recipe. In the post about it I will let you know how this was for my family, whether my children enjoyed it and whether my granddaughter ate it. At the moment my granddaughter is not even 1.5 yet, but she does love many of the foods that we have cooked for her from the book so far. She is at the moment a very good eater.

Sally Fallon

This book was written by Sally Fallon and Mary Enig. Sally Fallon has a website called Nourishing Traditions. I like the blog posts she writes, they're really interesting. I recommend subscribing.