Introduction Birth series

This series is going to be about all sorts relating to birth. Please feel free to ask questions, so I can answer them for you in this series. Others will benefit from this as well.

Baby in swan

Baby in swan

This series will be about the various aspects of birth. From the starting point of birth where you have small contractions, or waves, to where you dilate, to where your baby is actually born, to the placenta being born and your recovery time. 

Preparation for Birth

Preparing for birth is a good thing to do. You should know how your body works and why it works that way. That way you don't really end up with big surprises and that way you can avoid difficulties as you are prepared.
In these posts I will write about what you can do to prepare yourself, I will recommend good books and such. For a large part having a good birth is about mindset and being able to relax.
I write about what do you need to know about birth, what are you options, how do you choose from your options. Do you feel that a Doula could be a good choice, why would you choose a Doula.
Building a bit of a support network for yourself so that you will have people cheering you on. Making a birth plan, having a list with telephone numbers available. Things like that are going to topics in the Preparation for Birth part of it. 

Home or Hospital

In this part of the series I will go into the research and what it says about safe places to birth. I will also explain some other concepts of how birth is viewed and why.
I will go into the psychological parts and the feelings about the choice. 
There is a lot to this choice and it's important that you make the right choice for you.

Common Interventions

What interventions are commonly offered and why?
Many women don't know much about them and don't know that they can decline them. 
It's really important that you know what your options are and why certain interventions are offered. I will write about them and give you ideas of how to prevent needing them. There are other ways of going about birth, looking at it from a more natural point of view and taking some time and relaxing to let nature take its course, of course within reason.


In this section I'm going to go into the questions that I get asked about birth. These questions are the ones that you can ask me. I will make sure that I answer each question in it's own post. That way I hope to keep it simple and easy to navigate. If you like I'll mention your name as the person who asked the question. If you prefer to stay anonymous, that is fine as well.