Introduction Breastfeeding series

New series on breastfeeding. From preparation, to first steps, to common problems, your options when you're working and much more. Added to that will be answers to the questions that I get asked.



Preparation for breastfeeding

Preparing for your breastfeeding journey is a good thing to do. Reading up on how it works, making sure you know what you can run into, how to avoid issues and all of that.
In these posts I will write about what you can do to prepare yourself for an amazing breastfeeding journey. This is for a large part mindset, as a large part of your success will be because of your mindset and you being persistent.

It is a good idea to build up a bit of a support network so that when you feel like throwing in the towel you have people to cheer you on. It is also a good idea to look into local breastfeeding support groups. It can be good to have telephone numbers available to phone in case you end up struggling.


The first steps

These posts will be about the first steps in breastfeeding, from short after birth, to the first couple of days and weeks and how to set yourself up for success. 
Here I will talk about latching on, with images, how to do it, how to make sure your baby does it well.
The amount of feeds a baby will need, how big their stomachs are and how this progresses as they grow. All kinds of things like that fit into the category "The first steps".

Common problems

Here i will go into common problems that many mothers run into in their breastfeeding journey. Most are fairly easy to overcome, you just need to know how. And that is what I will explore in these posts. One problem at a time so that each problem gets it's own post. That way it becomes fairly easy to look things up I expect.
Many women have some engorgement from time to time. Some have a bit of nipple pain or so. All can be treated and resolved quickly.

If there is an interest I can also go into the somewhat more tricky problems in this series at a later date.

I cannot go into bigger problems as those require one-on-one support, which I can give you. Just send me a message and I'll get back to you and we'll find a way to help you with your problem or problems.

Baby Breastfeeding

Baby Breastfeeding


Many mothers return to work these days. Therefore i will make sure that I will discuss all the things you need to know about returning to work. Pumping, how you can do it. How to safely transport and store your milk. How long you can store you milk for. 
What the law says and many other things like that. Of course I won't be able to go into the laws of every country, but I will address a few and discuss the pros and cons of those. 


In this section I'm going to go into the questions that I get asked about breastfeeding. These questions are the ones that you can ask me. I will make sure that I answer each question in it's own post. That way I hope to keep it simple and easy to navigate. If you like I'll mention your name as the person who asked the question. If you prefer to stay anonymous, that is fine as well.