You connected the first two dots – great!

A journey begins with three things: Knowing that you want to move on from wherever you are, having chosen where you want to go, and last but not least to make the first step towards your goal.

You have already accomplished the hardest part: You know you want to move on, go beyond where you are now. And you are taking first steps, probing here and there finding the right path to your goal. You’re determined to get there, but somehow it didn’t quite work out the way you thought it would be.

You need a pathfinder:

Personal Health Coaching
Personal health coaching
None of the usual suspects of weight‐loss diets, gurus or other curious advice didn’t take on with you? Do you want to get fit again, energec, and healthy – and stay that way?

We can help you.


You want to have a baby, and want to give it the best and healthy start into life? Did you know that baby’s health starts even before conceiving!

We can teach you all you need to know.

Baby care
Baby has arrived… but now what!? From caring to carrying, from feeding to fun, there is a lot to show and tell. And fathers? You have a very important role too!

We get you on the right foot.

Parenting & Family
So you made it through the “Terrible Two” phase … and family dynamics change yet again. What’s more, there are older siblings in the mix, and you feel like a puppet on a string?

We’ve been there, done that, too!

Parenting & Family


Speculaas Spice Mix – St. Nicolas

As I do not live in The Netherlands anymore it isn't easy for me to get hold of speculaas spice mix these days, fortunately, it is effortless to make myself.Usually, at the end of November, I make a preserving jar full of it. I tend to use a LOT of it in the month of...

Introduction equipment series

This is the first of a series that I'm going to write about equipment you can use to create healthy nourishing foods. I'll take you on a tour through my kitchen. Equipment There are quite a few pieces of equipment that I regularly use, that many people have not heard...

Home made supplements

Supplements are so easy to make at home. You know what is in them that way. They are much cheaper as well.Home made supplements Regularly we make home made supplements. We make liver capsules and turmeric capsules the most frequent. Dehydrating For the liver capsules...